An example of expanded search results. One of the key UI features was to display article and expert search results side-by-side and reveal abstracts or extra information in a vertical expansion.
 Researchers often need to get very specific and surgical with finding information. The advanced search tool needed to be robust but easy to use. The solution for displaying so many options resulted in a clean, and organized display of fields that could be added in groups or individually.
 An expert page displayed statistics, authored papers, and co-authors. Below, even more related data was organized.
 A paper or article result page similarly displayed statistics, a full abstract, and all authors.
 For users building bibliographies and literature reviews, Scholrly would soon offer Collections: a feature to collect, organize, and publish lists of papers or experts related to a topic of the user's choice. 
 Presenting Scholrly at StartUp Riot. Photos courtesy of  Robert Combier .
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