Michael Gluzman is an Atlanta based designer and occasional filmmaker & photographer. A Russian hailing from the Baltic state of Latvia, he now calls the Dirty South home. He studied industrial design at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he discovered the sublime relationship of the arts and technology.

Michael began his career working with the likes of sculptural lighting designers, savvy digital agencies, and endearingly quirky clients. Presently, he leads design for a handful of note-worthy brands at The Coca-Cola Company. Namely, he leads design for Sprite and hopes to one day make the can solid green again.

Because sleep is overrated, Michael also leads design for a bitcoin payment processor startup called Fold. That story will continue to…unfold.

In his spare time, he likes to nerd out reading science fiction novels, articles on mindfulness, and speculations on new apple products. He keeps his calves well-defined by playing soccer with a group of local internationals in his neighborhood along the Atlanta Beltline. The group is called olé, and you may join them on Sundays.

Michael lives with his brilliant wife Anne and their dog Tomato, who knows 3.5 tricks.

404 510 6348